Shawn has been critically acclaimed by his local peers and writers alike for his deft use of finger picking style through folk/pop influences, most notably those of the singer/songwriter era (James Taylor, Jim Croce, John Denver, Simon and Garfunkle, Wilson Phillips), and he has been known to make a smooth transition into composing eclectic, gripping and hyperkenetic alternative rock songs, with hints of his favorite current influences, the Flaming Lips, U2, Travis, Coldplay, Dave Matthews, Five for Fighting, Fountains of Wayne, etc. Though be not ashamed, Shawn has grown to appreciate the local and independent scene as a critic and music writer himself, and quite often favors the sounds and passion of young artists struggling to make it or making music just for fun and local fame. Strangely enough, Shawn uses his favorite references to classical composers Debussy, Chopin, Stravinsky, Dvorak, Bartok and others in his work. In the peak of 2005, Shawn began a project with friends under

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I am revelling the fall weather of 2009! I am eager to write a new batch of songs detailing the emotions and imagery of the celebration of the season and the cold, darkness of the frozen winter!

Though I'm turning toward a folk alt rock side, through songs with acoustic guitars, I am also experimenting with finding my voice on electric lead guitar!

all the best, please play my tracks,write and keep in touch!

Shawn M. Haney "braves a trail o

Shawn M. Haney has spent over 15 enriching years of ups and downs, and hard work writing songs. Currently a resident of Marietta, GA., Shawn is working on his second solo effort for release in fall 2009.

Shawn penned hits like "Valentine" and "Definitely Maybe" during his college days, and has been thriving on the local music scene ever since.

The band, the majestiks enjoyed a brief stint of play for a year in 2005, playing gigs at the honorable Smith's Olde Bar in Decatur, Ga. with band members Jason Parker, Wade Queen, and Greg Malejko. Some big crowd pleasers were the rock anthem "Little Bit More," the spirited tune "Weekend" and the dramatic "Tangled."

Currently Shawn is looking to storm the scene and make an impact in Atlanta and beyond in 2009, with some new songs and fresh recordings.

He works from his secret cave of music in studio Y in a secret location, using many homemade secrets (from his personal remedy) for great songs.....

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There are many artists that Shawn wishes to be like, but he feels that the best way to make music is to be yourself and create and sing from the very soul. Though his peers and critics alike feel he can be at times a very eiree spitting image of James Taylor in voice and through the acoustic guitar, John Lennon in voice and through composition, though most followers seem to pinpoint his music at the very core of a happy medium reflected in his personal life experiences.


Since the late 90s, Shawn finds inspiration in his songwriting, gathering influences from important artists like James Taylor, the Beatles, Pearl Jam, Coldplay, and acclaimed local artists, Atlanta's very own YOU and the Whigs. A great source of creativity and support comes from his close colleagues Paul Warner, Chad Yochum, Star Veltre and John Lindsey, as well as his teacher and mentor Dan Manning.

Riding the Bullet Train of Music


Lisa Elisheva
over 30 days ago to Shawn M. Haney

Thanks for such positive feedback =) hope to hear more of your music soon

David James
over 30 days ago to Shawn M. Haney

Thank you for your thorough review of my song 'Ocean'. I think your comments are very astute. This kind of review is invaluable to me and give me food for thought. Best wishes.

2 Replies
Shawn M. Haney
over 30 days ago

all the best!!!! I hope you continue to be blessed with more confidence in production and great new songs.....wish me luck too!!!!! maybe we'll both have a hit offered to tv!!!!! yeeh! s

David James
over 30 days ago

Shawn. That would be great, wouldn't it? When I hear some of the stuff that makes the singles chart in the UK at least ,I know I can write better songs than them. Maybe just a little bit of luck is required some times. And yes I wish you luck too!!

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