I am a new songwriter with 37 years of public performance experience, 13 years of formal training, and 7 years of classical music training (been playing for 45 years). I am marketing my songs to singers who are interested in performing them. I currently have three copyrighted songs with multiple established lyrics/tunes in the ranks for musical development. My music is not Broadcast-Quality yet.

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Oct 2009
J. Paul Bolcar wrote the music for my poem, and we now have a vocal demo; listen to Uncertain Love.

When I See Your Face Again came in Runner Up for October 2008 in the Song Of The Year Contest.

Who Am I?

I started playing the piano at age 6 in 1963, and I started writing songs in the late 1970's. When I graduated from high school, I didn't know what to do in college-so I told my counselor that I "only know how to play the piano." The next thing I knew I was on stage every month playing a huge grand piano with the staff of music professors in the audience grading every stroke of the keys-classical music, of course. Looking back, I can't believe I played the Hungarian Dance in such an accomplished manner for a High School recital. I tried to play it recently, and I was thoroughly impressed with my younger abilities at that moment.
I'm from Arkansas, originally, and transplanted to New Jersey because I married a Yankee. He retired from the military after 22 years. I've lived in Batesville, Arkansas (my hometown made semi-famous by my high school classmate Mark Martin, NASCAR race driver), Bethany, Oklahoma, Glen Burnie, Maryland, New Orleans, Louisiana, near Astoria, Oregon (in Warrenton), Romulus, New York, and finally in southern New Jersey. I frequent the Atlanta, Georgia area because my son and his lovely wife and precious 2-year-old grandaughter live near there. After 2 years working for a NASA-contracted company, 7 years working in the hospital industry, and 15 years in the computer software industry, I went back to college for a while until I experienced a hostile takeover by my grandchildren. Currently, my time is spent happily continuing to develop my songs in between babysitting my grandchildren (I'll just have to teach them how to do this stuff so I can get some time off!) If I ever lived near you, drop me a line! If you just want to contact me, that's fine too!


Hi Cindy,
I just noticed that I am on a few of your favs list. Thank you for appreciating my efforts!!!
I am about to release a new CD project called in a few days called "Release Yourself" hope you enjoy those tunes as well.
Peace, Robert

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Cynthia Deaton Houlroyd
over 30 days ago

Robert, how could I not appreciate your talent! You're welcome for the Favorites postings--I'm picky, so kudos!

young love--really nice song--cheers--joe

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