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Every time i had entered a song in a major song contest. It was selected. But never won.
I was then encouraged to re-enter cause new judges are picked and new song writers would be chosen as winners. I was happy enough to see that the songs are being recognized.

The J Stang Project


I had been writing songs for over 25 years. In 2012 My hands seized up and I could not play anymore.

Now 2018 and I am trying to get back in the groove of a song writer. It cost money to record and pay for great Producers and Musicians to create a great tune.

I had label interest for one song in 1994. (A and M Records Toronto) The Rep. just signed Jan Arden. And suggested I start writing like her. I rewrote and recorded the song (Love you to Death)in 2001.
I have entered a few song contests.
Runner up for the USA SONG CONTEST for two entries in 2001.(Love you to Death) and(What my Baby wants) And runner up in the same contest in 2003 for 1 song.(Get it on and go). I had 3 different songs that made runner up in the Song of the year contest(vh1)2008. (Paradise),(Cows come home), and (Cliché).

To me its all about this Global warming Problem we are dealing with. And I am very concerned of what comes of us as species at the end. And the only planet we call home.

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Clean Clean

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