Kitty & Myles perform all styles of music. Myles perferring Metal. Kitty Blues & Jazz. We came together in this family effort to see just what our culminated effort would produce. Turns out the music comes accross as classic modern rock.

Myles Bio

Myles was born into more then a musical family. His mother, Kitty Mayo, brought many varied musical influences to his life through her career as a singer, pianist and songwriter. Beginning at the age of 11, Myles studied classical piano with Jeff Marlowe, 4 years into his classical training, at the age of 14, Myles began formal Jazz and Classical guitar with Frank Dibussolo. If you listen to Myles play, you may begin to feel his sheer talent out weighs his musical literacy and technical experience. All his influences are heavily reflected in Myles's music.
Myles joined CBS Recording artist Roughhouse in 1990. Today, Myles is concentrating on marrying his influences to create a unique and rich Rock and Roll sound..

Kitty Mayo bio

Kitty's musical influences began with her family. Her grandfather played seven instruments: the violin, cello, piano, guitar, mandolin, harp and harmonica, and he loved classical music. He steeped the family in the wonderment of the classics like Tchaikovsky and La Traviata. She attended a gospel church in Chicago with her mother's best friend Mary, where she sang in the choir. She learned to scat. She learned what swing was, and how to sand tap dance. By her eleventh birthday, blues and jazz were as big a part of her life as the classics.
Kitty's musical career began as a child when she sang at Angie's Place in Chicago for candy money. She started singing professionally at age 11. She sang her way through high school, took Jazz lessons at the Rizzo School of Music in Chicago, and performed every night at the local clubs. Today, the musical richness of her childhood experiences with gospel, jazz and blues, and her professional training under legends like Al Stouffer and Frank Capelli combine to make Kitty a powerful performer in whatever format she is performing in. The life of her music comes from the life that she has lived. Kitty's ability to add a new edge to decades of traditional Soul, R&B, Blues, or Rock and Roll makes her performances unique.


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I wanted to invite you to listen in to my very first LIVE, Solo ... over the internet concert Tomorrow night....12.12.12 from Digital Street Studio in Dover Wed. 7pm - 8pm EST, the link is I would love to get your opinion on my songs. I have about 16 that have NOT been up loaded yet. I play 12 of the tomorrow night. Thanks!

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