open door

Story Behind The Song

it is about losing your greatest love,without a chance to reconcile.

Song Description

a meloncholy love song

Song Length 6:32 Genre Pop - Classic, Rock - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Anxious, Incensed Subject Life, Pain
Similar Artists Pink Floyd Language English


Doom opens only to close again
Slowly sneaks in the pain
Gaining never is forever again
Trouble makes you grow old dying women says
Don't you know
I let go in my own time
How'd I get so far from home?
This momma's baby's not the same
Took my name
Is there ever relief?
Could be on my dying day
The sun goes down moon comes up
Moon goes down the sun comes up
Another wakes
Wide is an open door
For trouble to relate
Peace, Truth and Love
Walking, Walking hand in hand
Can they see my door's open?
Can they see my door's open?
Welcome to my peace, welcome to my place
Welcome to my space
Come on in sit down, you know your always welcome (spoken)

Welcome to my space

Lyrics kitty mayo Music myles mayo
Producer mathew mayo Publisher kitty\myles mayo
Performance kitty\myles mayo

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