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Jeremy Knight

Jeremy became passionate about music at a young age. He engulfed himself in percussion and legendary music written well before his time that boasted performance and musicianship. His taste in music often left him the brunt of much teasing from his early 80?s friends who chose to embrace the ?synthesized-teeny-bopper, overloaded-lycra? era. ?Get with the times Knight, nobody listens to that old man rock?! Regardless, he idolized drummers like John Bonham and guitarists like Eric Clapton, pinnacles of the rock world and realized early on that if one song could persuade him to begin drumming, that music was the real deal, a powerful tool of self expression and creativity.

The early 90?s saw Jeremy playing in a cover band Lucy?s Empire a crucial developmental period for his ?Yeah?I?m in the band attitude?. Later that decade, Clockmaker was formed, a hard-hitting trio that played Toronto clubs, Lee?s Palace, The 360 and the Horseshoe Tavern. Clockmaker had a solid fan base and opened for David Wilcox and The Tammy Raybold Band. Clockmaker released one album titled, Pages of Stone and two demos with much ambition, however the band later dissolved as Jeremy pursued a career in pre-hospital care, as a Paramedic.

At the turn of the millennium, Jeremy began working with Pro-Tools and honing his engineering skills. He continued with his percussive background building solid drum n bass grooves while constantly seeking a balance between musicianship and engineering. He found his niche in Trip Hop but fails to commit to just one genre of music. He has a diversified library of music show casing powerful, dynamic instrumentals to rock and acoustic songs of life disposition.

Jeremy insists life is a barreling-freight-train rock show. Everyday has a soundtrack, every moment can be enhanced with music, full steam ahead, his goal is to pound out epic songs as he goes.


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