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- DjayPee won two awards at the VIMA 2008: Best Instrumental for the dance track "Kids" he composed with DJ Nicky C, and 3rd best dance song for his "I Feel Love (club remix)"
- DjayPee launched his debut two CDs "Lounge" and "Tempo" in August 2008
- The extraordinary CD launch party has been held at Il Tempio and Mandi Mandi in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on August 25th, 2008.
- 'Let the People Dance' is featured in the 'Animal House' compilation, released by Urban Angel Music Ltd., 2008,


- A refreshing Ethnic Electronic fusion of Eastern tradition with Western groove -

Jean-Pierre Lantieri, a.k.a. DjayPee, is a French artist who, in the mid-Nineties, fell in love with South East Asia and its mystic wonders, finding his muse in a part of the world where sunshine and smiles greet him every day.

He gladly allows himself to become immersed in this rich, varied culture, absorbing inspiration from every direction, in turn inspiring his followers with refreshing, universal, East-meets-West music.

DjayPee produces tracks in his Kuala Lumpur studio, reworking melodies and samples recorded on his globe-hops to create unique fusions, citing Moby, Enigma, Jean-Michel Jarre, Deep Forest, BT and Ruychi Sakamoto, to name a few, as influences, alongside the many talented local musicians of the contemporary South East.

The result is award-winning compositions such as 'Kids', 'I Feel Love', and the magical 'Geisha'.

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JiP's music is inspired by the likes of Era, Enigma, JM Jarre, Kitaro, Deep Forest, Andrew Lum, Moby, Ruychi Sakamoto, as well as by observing local traditional and modern performances in many countries in Asia.


� 'Geisha' chosen as the theme song for a Japanese documentary viewed from children's eyes, 'The Little Travellers'
� 'Geisha' finalist at the International Music Awards 2007.
� Has reached Top 10 No. 1 on
� Best composition from Malaysia in the Music Aid competition 2006
� Won competition for song "The Roses Of Ispahan", song then featured on commercial compilation no.4
� In 2008, the short film 'Goat', with its music composed entirely by DjayPee, won the prestigious People's Choice Award at the BMW Shorties competition, a prestigious incentive sponsored by BMW Malaysia.,��
� Arranged and programmed the song 'Spirits' for Vick Teo (Malaysian Idol) debut album
� Several pieces placed in music libraries, achieving sales
� Created a CD of 14 of his songs distributed at the IndoChine Festival 2006 gala party, Asia��s jet set event of the year
� 'I Feel Love' praised for its fresh appeal by Santana vocalist Tony Lindsay
� Geisha included in the Canadian 'Music for Coffee Beings' compilation, Volume II.
� 'Let the People Dance' featured in the 'Animal House' compilation, released by Urban Angel Music Ltd., 2008


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Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)
over 30 days ago to JP

JP, I'm listening to your new song "Gemini" and it's very nice; great groove and I dig the sounds. Maybe you saw that one of my songs is up on the electronic house top 10 chart and you're trying to knock me down..... lol You can do it with a track like this, good luck my friend!! Dave

Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)
over 30 days ago to JP

Hey Bro, I'm playing a concert in Kuala Lumpur, (not with my band but another artist) I can probably get you into the show with a guest if you are interested. I'm providing a facebook link to the event, just let me know. It would be great to meet you!
Dave Haddad - CenterPeace!/event.php?eid=139485966115 624

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Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)
over 30 days ago

If the link I provided doesn't work just contact me for details.

over 30 days ago to JP

hey pee, sorry i fucked up and hit the submit button before i rated everything....this may be bad for your overall score so contact bj and i'm sure they'll make it right

1 Replies
over 30 days ago

No big deal, it's the comments that I am interested in, and you made very constructive ones that I needed, thanks!

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