Amanda Williams is a natural. Her music is authentic, heartfelt and raw. Spanning multiple genres, Amanda cannot be classified into the neat little categories so often required by the music industry. As such, she is a hidden treasure. Her music is a little Lucinda with a hint of Chili Pepper, a touch Janis and a bit Merle, and just when you think she is just like Alanis, she will go McLachlan on you. This is the beauty of Amanda Williams. We wouldn't have her any other way, and she wouldn't let us. Dig deep into Amanda's catalogue and you will see what we mean.

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Amanda Williams was born to be a songwriter. It's in her blood. She comes from a long line of musicians and writers, most notably her songwriting father, Kim Williams ("Three Wooden Crosses," "Ain't Going Down 'Til The Sun Comes Up"). Being able to sit at the feet of a master songwriter from an early age infused Williams with an innate sense of the craft of songwriting.  

She listened and learned from her dad and as her skill developed she began co-writing with him. They teamed up (along with several other writers) to pen the George Jones/Garth Brooks hit "Beer Run." 

"All my life I've heard that if you're a country writer, you can't write rock and if you're a rock writer you can't write country," she says. "But sometimes it just happens. I understand the need for musical genres, but sometimes we get so bogged down in classifying music that we can't just let the music be itself." 

Williams has her own genre-busting style that had only one primary purpose--to connect with her audience. 

"Music reaches out and touches people in ways that make them feel like they're not alone," she says. "We isolate ourselves. We put ourselves in little cubicles and cars and living rooms. We shut out everything. Music breaks through those boundaries." 

And there is a timeless quality to her writing. Whether she's rocking out or singing a melancholy pop ballad, Williams cuts through the surface layers with the precision of a surgeon and reveals the beating heart of a song. And it's not just her words that cut through; she's blessed with a voice that's spine-tingling good. She slips from bluegrass twang to soft croon to a full-throated rock roar with ease. Like her songwriting, her singing adapts to the song. 

"I'm compelled to communicate," she says. "I want to bring people together through my music. This is what I was put here to do." 

Amanda is currently signed as a writer to ZMG Music Group in Nashville, TN.


Julianne Ankley
over 30 days ago to Amanda Williams

What a groove!

over 30 days ago to Amanda Williams

Hi, i hope you make me a connection. Just a heads up to let you know that as a celebration of my first year on broadjam and with my new studio just opened, I am offering to fully remaster two of any of your songs for free. I will send back to you a fully remastered wav and a mp3 file all for no charge. If you are interested please get in touch with me, all i need off you is two song mixes in wav or aiff format 44.1 khz 16 or 24 bit. i will be able to give you a better remaster if there is no compression or stereo effects on the mix. just send the two mixes to my studio address and i will remaster the mixes and get them back to you in wav and mp3 formats within 3-4 days of me getting the mixes from you. if you have any further questions please contact me either thu broadjam or my studio email address-thanks

Chris Mortensen
over 30 days ago to Amanda Williams

Amanda: Thanks for the positive review (Analog Cowboy). Best of luck! Chris

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