Nairb Lands is a one man original rock band from Alaska. Unique and Raw, as Brian believes the art of sound should be.

Have you ever listened to a band and realize all their songs sound the same? Well you wont have that issue with Brian Bel Hector. When one listens to Nairb Lands, they may hate one song, then love the next. Because whats the fun in writing the same song over and over and over again?
If art is an expression... how does one express themselves when they must follow rules and guide lines?

"If the music has gotten boring it's because of the people who want every one to sound the same."
- Dead Kennedy's

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Logic and Formula
over 30 days ago to Nairb Lands

thanks for the positive review man. reason why i got no lyric. we're a producer currently trip around US for the ASCAP expo in hollywood. man i really loves punk rock man i should check yours i was really into ramones back in the days much appreciating for the reviews peace!

Arthur Davenport
over 30 days ago to Nairb Lands

Thanks for hooking up! Aloha from Hawai'i. Art Davenport

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Arthur Davenport
over 30 days ago

PS- GREAT songs - "Snow" made me miss the winter. We have to drive up to the top of Mauna Kea at 13K feet the few weeks in the winter there is some white stuff on top!

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