From the northern wastelands of Wisconsin, where the climate change is bipolar and the people are both tougher and crazier, The 4am rises like a party-hardened army.

Ska is not dead. Punk is not dead. Rock and Roll will never die. We won't let it and neither will you. So crack a bottle and drink deep of our strange brew - a chaotic orgy of ska, punk, metal, rock, and a little bit of your mom's midnight mixtape. You will have the night of your life today... and a 4 aspirin morning tomorrow.

Formed in early 2009, The 4am sound combines crusty guitar driven riffs with a storm of horns for a high energy act.

The 4am: Punk rock right at home in the underground zone.


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over 30 days ago to 4 Aspirin Morning

Time to get cracking on winning us some MAMAS this year! Also, I can't wait for Saturday... this show is going to be amazing.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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