A Bio in 5 Questions:
1. Can you tell about your humble beginnings? Paul Pantano's first guitar cost $69.99. It was purchased on Long Island in 1979 and stolen in 1980. He did NOT quit! Andrea Oddo's first sojourn into music was playing the cello at age seven. She DID quit, but has always enjoyed singing. Fortunately she is really good at it. They're first band together was in the 1990's. The band broke up but they continue to make music together.
2. What inspires you? A belief in a higher power, like Batman. But playing good music inspires us too . Also, Paul has autographed pictures of Dawn "Maryann" Wells and Julie Newmar on his studio wall. Andrea loves Gawker and Reddit. And of course Jacob for both of them.
3. Who are your influences? The Beatles, Rockpile, Norah Jones, Janis Joplin, CCR, Paul Simon, Batman, Eric Clapton.
4. What does the future hold for you? Who are we? Nostradamus? 
5. Who is Johnny Rhythm? Only the greatest lounge act ever.

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We are currently working on our first cd titled "NO EGO LeFT TO BRUISE. More details to follow once we know what's goin on.


I play guitar, therefore I am. Are you?


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jim anderson
over 30 days ago to Paul Pantano Inc.

Paul...Thanks for the great in depth review of my song "Keep em Occupied" I agree with you about the bass ..I hope to master the song and give it some extra tweaks...just a extra note I like your song Blues Soda...cool...take it easy...Jim

Tommy Stewart
over 30 days ago to Paul Pantano Inc.

Hi Paul,
Thanks for your great review of "Ghost in the City" and also your nice comments.
Yeah I'm not much of a singer so have to rely on instrumentals.


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Clean Clean

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