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These are all sites to see whats going on with Buffalo Music Hall of Fame band "Only Humen" and its founder "Only Frank".(other BMHF inductees include Billy Sheehan,The GooGoo Dolls, 10,000 Maniacs,Rick James,Moe,Robert Moog, Ani DiFranco, Spyro Gyra and the legendary songwriter Harold(Somewhere Over The Rainbow)Arlen to name just a few.) The band plays all kinds of events as a 'cover' band to survive but has managed (with various reincarnations of members over the years)to record original albums "So'R'U", Six of one...,Slightly Twisted Fiction and with producer Steve Jerome(Popcorn,Walk Away Renee)at Tony BonGiovi's Power Station in NYC. Lotta years,lotta tunes. More to come...

"Only Frank" Pusateri

"Only Frank", thus named from his highly acclaimed Buffalo Music Hall of Fame band "Only Humen". While for the most part OH is a cover club band, they have released, under different group versions, 4 albums/cd's over their 28 year musical tenure. While the various versions shared writing credits, OF has written the lions share of the groups original music. Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer, producer OF writes all styles of music as reflected by his multifaceted submissions in many categories. At home in the studio, the ideas pour out and the music and lyrics come to fruition in both finished and demo productions. Years of honing and crafting his art form have paid off in many ways. CD's, Soundtracks, Videos, Jingles are just a few of the rewards. Always one to move forward and explore new avenues, he continues to live his dream, his passion, formulated as a young lad watching "The Beatles" on the famed Ed Sullivan Show back in the sixties. The desire to do what he loved so strong, it has become his life and his life's work. www.OnlyFrank.com.

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Martin Gate
over 30 days ago to Only Frank

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Only Frank
over 30 days ago to Only Frank

Love & unrequited love of two ships passing

Kevin Winkel
over 30 days ago to Only Frank

Hey Frank,
I appreciate you taking the time to listen to "Night Hoppin'" and also giving a 5 star rating. Ratings from peers are always the most worthwhile.

Best to you,

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