Marty Kizer is a songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and worship leader who has been creating music for over 35 years. His distinct style was born of hip hop and jazz. He grew up in a household where jazz was always the centerpiece, then went out on his own and joined the navy where he was involved in a few rap groups. After getting out of the navy, he started working as a gospel vocalist, appearing in festivals in the Northern Florida area. Taking his place as a worship leader at a large church in Jacksonville, he has continued his artistic excellence.

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After a long military career, Gamma Calibrator settled in Florida and positioned himself in the calibration lab. Growing up in Gary, Indiana, his earliest memory was the sound of David Ruffin's distinct tenor singing Ain't Too Proud To Beg" and the harmony of The Drifters , "Under The Boardwalk" The lifelong love affair with music began. He spent his teens working as a dj in the prime house music era in the Chicago area. After joining the military, he was a member of a few rap groups, providing raps and beats and performing in venues in the Norfolk Va, area and in San Diego.
Taking his place in the church, his distinct first tenor fit very nicely leading high powered songs often revving the place up to a frenzy.
As a producer and songwriter, he has spent time in major studios in Norfolk and Jacksonville finishing selections that were written and produced in his home studio. The guitar completes his transformation from rap artist to singer.


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Cyndi Corkran
over 30 days ago to Gamma Calibrator

Good to see you back on the board, Mr_Marty, and that you have recovered. I'm listening again, to "And All", and just loving this dreamy, beautifully written song with lyrics that speak volumes, along with such a sweet melodic groove!

Gamma Calibrator
over 30 days ago to Gamma Calibrator

Good afternoon friends. I am declaring my return after a long illness (no, it wasn't COVID). New music and new mixes are available with more to come. Also please give my wife, Renita Kizer, some love by purchasing her new book, La Lumie're. It's a wonderful children's book that she wrote and illustrated. It's available on online stores including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Emmett North Jr.
over 30 days ago to Gamma Calibrator


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