Hailing from Barbados and now living in the UK. Ran with a few bands which gave me the honour of playing the legendary Ronnie Scott's Jazz club in the heart of London.

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Hi Junior ,
Thanks for your honest review of Flowers and Chocolates . Sorry to see from your scores that you don't want to here anymore of my songs , but after listening to some of your stuff , it's quite clear that we are worlds apart . Although like you , I have also been in the final of the UK Song writing contest , had Broadjam chart number ones etc , so at least we have something in common .
Don't know about you , but I'm always fascinated about the way songs are received by different people . Interestingly , the last critique for Flowers and Chocolates , scored 50 out of 50 , and was oozing with compliments . That doesn't make either one right or wrong , that's just the way it goes .
Good luck with your music ,
Phil .

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Junior Murrell
over 30 days ago

Decision was made purely on genre. It has a great Englishness about it. The comment about Dury was a complement. Keep going.

Bob Bentley
over 30 days ago to Junior Murrell

Hi Junior,
Many thanks for the stars for Back To A Younger Me. Much appreciated.

Bill Dake
over 30 days ago to Junior Murrell

Thanks for the stars for "I Know".

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