Fat IQ Music is a music production and publishing house specializing music in different kind of genres. As members of ASCAP, we have Adam & Cindy collaborating with outstanding composers, songwriters, and producers from around the world, along with their own songwriting & production to create great music.

With our full dedication towards success, we're fortunate to have found homes for most of our music. Our known passions are working in genres of Classical, Pop/Dance, R&B, EDM, song placements to Artists, and most of all, music for Promotions/Movies/Film/Commercials which includes Action, Horror, Drama, and much much more. This versatility allows us to build a wider and broader repertoire into our catalog. Never gets boring in here!

Fat IQ Music is always looking forward to working/collaborating with Artists, Composers, Vocalists, Publishers and Producers. And we know, we will never stop until we find our music a top notch home!

Latest News

Honored! We'll be interviewed exclusively by Forbes Magazine (Samantha Louis) on Aug. 25th!

Our most recent success with the following list:

-Perpetual Music Group
-Abuzz Music Library (Premier)
-Epitome Music Library
-Music Blvd. Group
-Music of the Sea
-TDG Music Group
-Austound Music
-Selected song plays on Backstage Vibe Online Radio Network (UNIR1Radio,
WROM Radio, and more)
-Soundtrack of America CD released by Diamond Garden Music


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Congrats on your song being selected!!! I CAN SEE WHY!!! A great track!!!

1 Replies
Fat IQ Music / Cindy S. Fong
over 30 days ago

Thanks Kevin, very much appreciated!

Congrats on I Want This and That getting recently selected for an opportunity...what a cool and funky song. I love the diversity of your works :-)

Hi! I saw you in the top 20 also, and I love your music ! Beautiful tracks :) esp. Love " Silent Gem" best of luck to you !

2 Replies
Fat IQ Music / Cindy S. Fong
over 30 days ago

Thanks Julia! Congrats to you too!

Julia Schmidt
over 30 days ago

Thank you! :)

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Clean Clean

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