If your drum programs and/or loops aren't quite giving you the inspiration you need, try Songwriter Drum Tracks. Recorded in song-form, as opposed to 1-2 bar loop patterns, these tracks allow more of a canvas to work with.

Each track is between 3:00 to 4:15 minutes in length with count-off clicks at the top of each track. Downloadable .mp3s are 320kbps/CD quality. Downloads are immediate and are processed through

All tracks are licensed for personal use only. You may use them for commercial release with the stipulation that "Jim McCarty and" be included in the credits. As credit can not always be given for Film or TV usage, written prior consent is required prior to release.

Re-selling these tracks in a sample or loop collection, or any other unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

Thank you,

Jim McCarty

Latest News

Below is a list of demo medleys in various genres. Check back on a regular basis as I will be adding individual demo's of each available track in the near future. And please feel free to visit my web sites for more information at the URL's in my Artist Description. Thank you!


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