The Third Heaven

The Third Heaven takes you on a journey of moods and melodies providing a contemplative atmosphere with some still enjoyable melodic familiarity. All works composed and performed on synthesizer, the expressions are harmonious and visual. ?John Curry is emotion evoking and his work is beautiful!? ?Nice and peaceful.? (Ladder of Angels) ?Johns music is just plain beautiful!? ?Relaxing song.? (Praise) ?I like the imagery that I see when I listen to this song. I also like the harmonies created in the use of different instruments.? (Sonrise) 1. Praise 7:04 2. No Man Is An Island 4:08 3. Afrikid 3:36 4. Times 3:56 5. Lost Way 5:23 6. I Feel 2:34 7. Ladder of Angels 7:02 8. Sonrise 6:01 9. Allright 7:52 10. Caught Up Into The Third Heaven 4:29


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Clean Clean

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