First Love Again

First Love Again is a compilation of the latest (mostly) live works featuring solo 12 string acoustic guitar. Here is what some listeners say about John?s music: ?Johns music is just plain beautiful! A tremendously accomplished guitarist, one of the few I've heard who really dominates the twelve string! Prolific composer with real musical quality to match!? ?John Curry is emotion evoking and his work is beautiful!? ?I first heard his 12-string mastery on ( It was very professional and refreshingly different.? 1. Where The Wind Comes From (Live) 4:50 2. A 5th Season (Live) 3:50 3. In The Twinkling Of An Eye (Live) 4:44 4. Machines (Live) 3:12 5. Walk And Talk (Live) 2:00 6. Dancing On The Water (Live) 3:33 7. When All Is Well 5:13 8. Quiet Contemplation 4:29 9. Daybreak (Live) 4:19 10. For The Love Of God 6:29 11. First Love Again (Live) 4:26 12. A Soft Voice (Live) 4:04

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Clean Clean

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