Fresh Every Morning

Conveying both excitement and beauty, Fresh Every Morning portrays an instrumental adventure in a unique blending of folk, contemporary jazz and ambient music genres. The original style on 12 string acoustic guitar of melodic arpeggio's, masterful rhythmic strumming, layered with free-form lead melodies, express a distinctive and exciting sound from this recording artist. Using multiple tunings on the 12-string, the solo works as well as the pieces with full accompaniment offer appealing melodic themes in each song. The arrangements are imaginative with the ability to weave in counterpoint melody lines in a seamless fashion, providing a strong visual imagery to the listener, producing emotive moods from energetic, to joyful, to meditative. Titles for Fresh Every Morning: 1. Fresh Every Morning 7:23 2. Joy (synth) 5:23 3. An Encounter 6:25 4. The Path 7:16 Drums & Cymbals - Herbie Weihskopf Bass - Sam Minaie - 5 string fretless 5. Searching 5:07 6. Shining in DeLight (solo 12 str.) 3:58 7. Life (solo 12 str.) 6:14 8. When All Is Well (solo 12 str.) 5:13 9. On The Way 4:26 10. Lost Way (piano+ violin) 5:23 11. Quiet Contemplation (solo 12 str) 4:02 12. For The Love of God (solo 12 str.) 6:29

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