Born in 1999 and 2000 in Lebanon Kentucky, brothers Shaion and DeSean Taylor grew up with the luxury of having a studio at (grandmother) Nana's house. As soon as they began talking, they were rapping and singing radio tunes. At age 5 and 6 the kids began to write songs and come up with original ideas.

Having a producer in the family helped to develop each kids unique style. Shaion is the intelligent big brother, while DeSean is the small wise kid. Both kids are currently in the gifted education program and on the honor roll at Lebanon Elementary School. DeSean was an All Star baseball player and Shaion was on a champion football team. Both brothers also play basketball, football, and baseball.

When the brothers come together they create the group YoungEndz, a young Hip Hop group full of positive music for all people. The YoungEndz began with family, so respect and values are reflected in their music. The focus of the group is to entertain people with a positive healthy lifestyle. No drugs, violence, or politics, just fun music for the whole family to listen to.

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