This is a compilation of items written about me: Tom's songwriting technique combines a narrative lyrical styling with dynamic rhythmic influences, ranging from American Blues to Latin, and classic arrangements. "...a myriad of styles and textures of musicianship, an emotional leap onto the listener." -Alive! magazine. Influences are from John Lee Hooker to Neil Young to Santana. Dirnks on the House is a live album with horn section, backups and percussion added to the normal cast of characters. Kind of the Committments meets Chicago. Birds Have Suntans is a striped down band with a very intimate feel. Some of the songs online are live performances and demos. Am I; Am I is a song about the current state of affairs in the world...our country in particular, it is a live performance.
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Band Members Tom Wright: Guitars, Lead vocals, Keys, Organ, Congas, Percussion Mike Hack: Bass, Backing vocals Jason Heiser: Drums Bill Beachler

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rock, jazz, soul, gospel, blues


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Tom Wright
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Merry Christmas 🎄 to all!!

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