Double Treble Music is the official publishing company for songwriter Todd Bird, who currently writes out of Long Island City.

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The Music of Todd Bird

Welcome to the publishing home of Long Island City songwriter Todd Bird. He has recently co-written songs with "Triple-Platinum Award Winner" Frankie Vinci, who co-wrote a song on Tim McGraw's "A Place in the Sun" and is probably best known for his CBS Football theme-song, which aired for 12 years, including 5 NFL Super Bowls. Together, Todd and Frankie wrote two recent songs, "Rainin' Sunshine" (Pre-Teen) and "I Blame My Heart" (R&B). Todd has also worked with multi-Grammy winner, Chris Trevett on such songs as "A Part of You Loves Me", "Just Once" and "As Long As I Dream", as well as three-time Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer Larry Dvoskin. Together with singer/actress Suzy Malick, Todd and Larry co-wrote the featured song "Dreaming" from the Merchant Ivory film sountrack "Heights".

Double Treble Music Publishing is owned and operated by Todd Bird and was initially started to promote his music, which is featured on this site. However, that scope will soon be expanded.

Double Treble Music Publishing would like to thank Dawn Charney for the amazing work that she has done in helping to design the logo on this site. Thank you :)

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