Shoshannah is an internationally acclaimed composer-improvisational pianist, piano teacher, mindbody therapist and nutritionist. A recognized child prodigy, her mission is to bring about spiritual unity, peace and compassion to the world through music.

Shoshannah shares her time between Jerusalem and New York. She has successfully produced four original piano recordings, with two new titles planned within the coming year. Shoshannah's recordings reach top popularity daily on some of the leading New Age radio stations such as: Whisperings Radio, WMDI,, to name a few. Her diverse musical style creates a spiritual tapestry of New Age, World, Classical, and a dash of Jazz that is deeply healing, heartful and uplifting.,1 888 Music 22,,

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Shalom Fans and Friends! Its very special to share the great power of healing and joy through music. "Gifts from Heaven" is top on the charts,and if you're looking for positively healing music, this is it. "Soul Journey" CD are all spontaneous piano improvisations. Deepheart Awakening CD is highly visual piano with lots of variety, passion and drama. Up-coming CDs are Rivers of Light and Eternal Love with David Darling. Stay tuned!

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Fan's Reactions to Shoshannah's Healing Piano!

Shoshannah's music truly has the power to heal - a generous donation of her CD's was gratefully received by terror victims of Israel, and her music is a source of inspiration and hope to them, as it can be for everyone.-Mickey Weinberg,

Heavenly music touching the deepest and holiest places.
Reb Shlomo Carlebach. Z"L, Prolific SingerSongwriter

This CD has helped me move myself on more than 5 occasions from a place of depression to a place of feeling bonded with the Holy One Above. - Daniel Levi

You can feel the love in every note. Gifts from Heaven is healing, G-d infused music.- New Age Retailer

One of the most talented and uniquely imaginative pianists and composers that I ever had the pleasure to work with.
- David Darling, ECM and Narada Labels

Like voices from our past, Shoshannah's music resonates memory, dreams and heart. - Steve Gorn, Label Artist

Shoshannah's music puts me in a place of clear simple light-being. It connects me with the gentler forces of nature as if the pianist was caressing water itself. This is heart-centered music with a playful spirit. I highly recommend it and I hope many will hear. - Laraaji, Label Artist

Beautiful healing music by a masterful player with an obvious gift for letting the music come right on through. - Susan Osborn, Label Artist

A top notch pianist with music of exceptional divine beauty, Shoshannah is graced with an ability to express her emotions and prayers through the keys straight to the heart of the listener. Gifts from Heaven - music therapy for body and soul."
Third Age Records, Jerusalem

Shoshannah offers a musical sanctuary of beauty, harmony and love . . An experience of pure joy and beauty. -New Age Retailer

Shoshannah's piano style is both technically dazzling and emotionally compelling with wonderfully fluid changes connecting the flowing themes - Lloyd Barde, Backroads

Shoshannah's music has integrity. Everything has deep feeling as well as a calming effect, two elements that you wouldn't necessarily think can go together until you've heard this music. Most surprisingly, though, the third element present here is real pianism. Shoshannah is a pianist who can play in the virtuoso tradition, and with an incredible palette of tone color, yet never ever at the expense of the integrity that I mentioned earlier. These three kinds of playing--depth, calm and virtuosity--come together in a unique way. - Shlomo Schnall, Pro Jazz Pianist

SOUL MUSIC OF THE HIGHEST CALIBUR:They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which is of course true, but the same can be said for music. The emotions, visualizations and truths music elicits is also equal to a thousand words. It is soul music of the highest caliber and takes you on a real journey of the soul. I recommend it to one and all. - Reb Avraham Arieh Trugman

One simply marvels at the sheer beauty of the musical Kabbalah which flows through her and manifests itself through her fingers "hovering" above those 88 keys. Her high-octave technique is truly remarkable and the weave and mixing of patterns and themes could possibly be a modern-day response of meditative emotions as fugue. It is truly amazing music which I and my children (who are also her avid fans) listen to over & over & over again. - Reb Asher Wade

Shoshannah's music is amazing, there is simply no other way to put it. I have never met anyone who did not connect with it. Your inner resources reveal themselves as the artist's gentle strains lead you deeper into your soul, toward tranquility and oneness. Certainly much better than any supplemental tranquilizer!! - Sara Gold

Absolutely Beautiful, a pleasure to hear! This CD is enjoyed by all who come into my home. Actually, they usually ask me to order them one also. So, I am ordering 2, 4 or more at a time. I can not say enough good words, except it is a must have. Awesome work!! - Patricia Skewes


Abram Band
over 30 days ago to SHOSHANNAH

Shoshannah Manna From Heaven Fed me and will feed many souls. Well done Jehovah is Pleased
Abram Band Jacalyn

over 30 days ago to SHOSHANNAH

MANNA FROM HEAVEN-----really nice composition--thanxs--joe.

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