CD Schwartz is a songwriter & music publisher. She invited some great male vocalists to sing on these songs, including Yonason Hill (son of famous actor Stephen Hill from "Mission Impossible" & "Law & Order"), Eliyon Shemesh, Menashe Schwartz (their son!) & more, so give a listen! "What We Need" has been #1 in pop/rock & in Israel, "Recipes By Me" was a long time hit that was #1 & top 10 here in 7 categories - unique, up-tempo, Asia/Africa, children's, male vocals, Israel, & fan picks - their son sang the adorable vocals on the song. "Creation's Song" & "Sweet Baby Lullaby" were also top 10 children's and in Israel. CD had a song chosen as the theme song for a movie, one for a musical, and other projects. CD & her husband co-write as well. He was a child prodigy, an Interlochen Arts Academy graduate & is a talented composer/musician/arranger.

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Thanks for rating me as one of the 3 top reviewers on Broadjam last year! Also thanks to your great critiques, all the songs that I've put thru the review process have been either #1 or top 10 numerous times in many categories.

Excerpts from Reviews

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"Recipes By Me"
This is a brilliant recording. The cute kid vocal juxtaposed against the masterful blugrass picking is great. I listened twice myself, then called everyone in the house to come listen. This is a hit record (think "Butterfly Kisses") if ever there was one.

Can you see the big smile on my face? Song's a crack-up funny one. Your child vocalist is a prodigy/cutie. Your guitar playing is stellar. Song structure is excellent (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Outlandish combos add great comedic element to song. I write & record kids music and work w/ kid vocalists and your kid would be a definite pick for one of my CD's! Be sure to compliment him.

Critique from Taxi Screener:
On target for this listing-imaginative imagery, sing along melodies, clever tune, good lesson. Deborah, chocolate noodle stew eh? Fun combinations; good melodies, I can hear the kids singing along..and rubbing their tummies at the end of the song.. Good luck with this

Hooray! Love to hear kids sing and guitars solo like that.

I love this song. The lyrics are wonderful and the child singing is great. The arrangement is good and there is a refreshing uniqueness about this song.

It has flavor, better than any grown-up songs I've heard yet.

You are a poet! What beautiful lyrics to describe the beauty of God's creation in the ocean world. I found myself transported, and that's just what I am sure you were trying to do. Great job! Keep up the good songwriting!

"What We Need"
5/5 on everything - Excellent!!! I love the lyric and I love the guitar riff at the break into the solo. Great stuff man. Truly believe this lyric too. The solo at the end reminds me of a great underated band named Shooting Star.
Constructive Comments
None at all. Can hear this in a TV/Movie soundtrack as well. Great upbeat tune. Production is really tight on it. Good mixing and solid instrumental recording. Great job!

I find the whole song very good indeed - it has a happy upbeat feel good enigma which I found easy to get into...

A real feel good song...

"Sweet Baby Lullaby"
You have written a very lovely and original lullaby. I have reviewed a lot of lullabies on Broadjam and yours is one of the tops.

Check out our Broadjam buddy, the amazing guitarist on 3 of the songs reviewed above at!

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