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Just purchased the sE 2200a Microphone, and waiting for it to arrive.

Musical Evolution

I was born in the small town of Sylvania Ga in 1984. At the preteen age of 12, I began to express my love for music, by taking piano lessons from my pastor, and learning audio production tecniques on my own. In 2006 I produced and wrote my first CD that instantly became an underground classic. Fast forward to now, and I am still sharpening my musical and production swords, practicing and getting better by the day. My music is a unique blend of electronica, hip-hop, and organic rap, with modern day lyricism. It takes listeners on a sonic journey with blaring synths, organic effects, strong melodies, and unique rhythms. It definetely is a recall to originality and creativity. It does not reinvent the wheel, but it does give music lovers an expressive and vibrant listening experience, and alternative.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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