Scott Andrew Mlodzinski, known by his stage name, Scott Andrew, is an american born songwriter and guitar player based out of Los Angeles, CA. He has written and arranged music with a handful of different artists throughout his career, and has developed a very americana influenced, yet contemporary sound in his writing. Spending time living and traveling all throughout the country, he has cultured himself in various styles/genres of music, and he draws influence from each within his writing. A few of his many influences include Ray Lamontagne, Dan Auerbach, Tbone Burnett, Tom Waits, Jack White, Bob Dylan, and Carole King. He is currently collaborating with singer/songwriter Tony Pops, who's voice you can hear performing on a lot of his material. He is a songwriter to keep an eye on as his music begins to gain recognition throughout the country.
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Beautiful holiday rendition. Love the arrangement.

I'm new here.,
any info., or suggestions on how to get the most out of this web-site would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks very much.

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Scott Andrew Mlodzinski
over 30 days ago

Hi Steve,

Haven't had too much success in placing anything via Broadjam. Been considered a few times, but haven't seen any results. I've just been submitting to postings that are looking for music in my genre realm. There's been a couple specific postings that I thought would work out but haven't. Not sure what the best method is as far as getting the most out of the site. Maybe my approach isn't the best, but it's hard to know the validity of all the postings that are put forward. I would like to think that the supervisors are actively searching the catalogue via broadjam, but there is no way to know for sure. Some are probably worth it, and some most likely aren't. I haven't submitted much lately, as I'm looking at other ways to get my songs to publishers, etc. I guess getting the most out of the site would be to connect with other artists and maybe discuss each others music and get feedback.

Steve Purcell
over 30 days ago

Thanks Scott.... very helpful...

over 30 days ago to Scott Andrew Mlodzinski

You are very talented. I like you voice and your music. Such a good chill out music.

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