I'm a Hip-Hop artist from the bronx. I'm a member of 2gran production and the founder of genius mastermind ent. I just released my sophmore album, truthfully speaking. And currently working on The Genius, hardly soft. look for it.


Papi Hey is originally from The Bronx. He's been freestyling and beating on hallways since a child. His cousins has been trying to get him to rap for years and he finally recorded his first song at the os '97. In '01 he finally buckles down with the being an artist in mind and move to Nashville, TN. to work at Chomco recording studio.

He grew up on groups like A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul. He also rode with the west coast gangsta rap movement with the legendary rap group N.W.A. The late 80’s and the early 90’s really did it for him. He's mostly influence by his heritage. His father was into music. He played the drums in Brooklyn as a child and the most amazing thing about it is he did not find that out until he was twenty-three.

Besides being an artist, he write and produce music. He's one half of 2GRAN PRODUCTIONS, INC. He has release to full length albums,'The True Representive' and 'Turthfully Speaking'. The Jay Blayz product first single is currently being played on 89.3 and has enter the south-east and rap/hip-hop top ten on Broadjam.com and stands at #2 in Ga on broadjam.com. He has performed in the concert in the park in Nashvilles Headly park by TSU, The Sweet Auburn fest '06 in Atlanta, Ga., and The Afrikan street fest also in Nashville, TN. He's currently working on The kid Dada album 'Ibrahiim'(e-bra-heem) and his own producer debut compilation 'hardly soft'.

If it was ever the monent to be seized it's now and he's grabbing the bull by the horns! Check for him in the '07, The Gran is here!

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