Influences are (to name a few), Muse, AIC, anything from the grunge era, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, AX7, MCR(Black Parade Only), Elliot Smith and Foo Fighters.

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Trevor Scharich

I started out in music at the age of 10, learning Piano. However, after I started learning how to play guitar, it became my main instrument, however through the years I picked up playing Bass and Drums as well (Drumming is still a work in progress..). I began writing songs around the age of 13, and I soon discovered I enjoyed creating songs more than playing covers so I focused my time on writing. I look to many of my favorite bands and artists such as, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Alice in Chains, STP, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and various other artists, trying to learn their secrets to great composing, to aid me in my own writing.

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