About Kieth:
I can and do play and write all different styles of music. Why not!!?? Life is full of so many interesting sounds. I have been playing guitar since I was 7 and recording since grade school.I also play sax, harmonica,and keys.I like the feel and sound of real instruments, but do use synth stuff often. I can write songs on any subject and in any style!
As you can tell I have a sense of humor about myself and music.
I can write a serious ballad as well as a funny song.
Don't take life too seriously!!
Get over yourself!
Have fun and PLAY!!

Latest News

Working on my 3rd album and just trying to find a happy place!

New Songs:
When the clouds Clear
Crazy World
Dreams & Demons
Rockin' it Old School
Ripped From Faith

Love on a Roll(Top Ten Blues/Country)

What 'Cha Gonna Do Now? ( Made Number ONE top 10 Punk!)

All songs here are written and preformed by me Keith DeCinko. YUP...I do it all!

Keith's Life

Keith was born in 1968 in Inglewood California on Halloween. He started playing guitar at the age of 7 and later at 8 added Sax and Harmonica to his arsonal.
In High School he learned how to tinker on the keyboards and Had a few "Garage" bands.
In the 90's he released several Albums as head of the Band "The Screaming Kettle Fish"
He later bought his own bar so his band "The Sgt. Bilko Project" could always have a place to play...but the bar was too much work and was later sold.
He now lives in the mountains and records mostly solo stuff in his own studio.

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