What to say: Life is busy being lived, we are busy traing to keep up. Writing songs along the way to tell other how it feels.
All my songs have come to me and sought me out, and in retrospective allowed me to understand why. People too.
I have written some great new material which I hope to record this year at some point.

Music matters to man.

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Did a musical for three month and was tempted to do another one, but I want to concentrate on my stuff. Alighten that suitcase of songs a little by publishing a few. May there be CD.

Music matters

From the tender age of 12 years, Justus has been writing his own songs, singing them with a variety of bands, around Europe.
He plays guitar, bass and keyboards and is also an excellent sound engineer.
This was more of a sideproduct of his desire to stay with the music, inside the music business, because to Justus music matters!
It is not just a background noise to fill up the space when people run out of words, it is not just a nice acoustic wallpaper that you only notice once it stops playing.
It is the expresssion of his deepest feelings about the world, about love and hate, about relationships, about the human condition on this planet.
He crafts fine lyrics and builds melodies and harmonies around them that carry the soul that is behind the words. He loves to work with other musicians to extend his own musicality with theirs. The avent of the home studio has sadly lead to a loss of human input in music, the great majority of music today being produced by lonely riders on their PCs or MACs. It is great to have those possibilities but one should not forget that music is essentially a happening, when musicians get together and play, more so when done in public.
Justus craves to keep music alive, to play with real musicians and instruments and convey the soul of the performers across the music to a listener that hopefully is open for the difference.
"Writing songs is for me a form of therapy, where I digest and transform my experiences, good and bad, into the form of a song..."
Listening to Justus warm voice singing about life is a rewarding experience.
Enjoy a ride through his and your world...


Richard Wall
over 30 days ago to Just Dumont

Thanks for the review of Birds of Summer- it made me look up Daniel Lanois so that must be good! I'll have another go with the drums.....if I can find a drummer

Good revue of BUTTERFLIES SHAKY KNEES, thanks, I can use all of the help I can get.
Ronnie Fort Dix New Jersey

over 30 days ago to Just Dumont

Hey there - thanks for reviewing my song "Stop Starting over again" and thanks for the constructive mix comments. Its refreshing to read more than "Its stuinks"... or "Its great..." =-) Dave

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