Jazzin' under an umbrian moon

Story Behind The Song

We were spending the holidays in Umbria, in a "agri-turismo" a nice old villa under Pine trees, and Granny Lena, who lives in the nearby village of Lama, organised a little party, knowing that I play music and we all like good food and drink. She invited

Song Description

It is a night with people from all walks of life, enjoying some simple but good wine, excellent food from a big charcoal grill and united by some music which is created there on the spot: a few local musicians and some guests who happen to be there improv

Song Length 4:38 Genre Jazz - Lounge, Latin - Jazz
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Delighted, Peaceful Subject You, Yours, Music
Similar Artists George Benson, Sting Language English
Era 2000 and later


Jazzin? under an Umbrian moon ┬ęKlaus Gehlhaar 2006-07-23

It was a lovely Italian summer night
Well-dressed tables and folks under starlight
Pancetta and salsicci simmer over the charcoal glow
Sun drenched tomatoes and wine in constant flow

Young and old, girls and boys, loose and tight
Children running squeaking their delight
It was all granny Lena who brought us here
And the stakes for the evening were very clear

Jazzing under an Umbrian moon
Swinging together, sing and swoon
Jamming under the Umbrian sky
Unleash the music and let it fly

There was Marco the piano man of a thousand notes
And Claudia?s accordion burning? with the tunes she wrote
Lorenzo?s big jazz guitar licked cool and snazzy
And I was trying to come up with something jazzy

We let some chords flow into the endless dark
Claudia?s voice took off batlike and struck a spark
We felt this was going soul to soul
When sound hit the stars, bouncing from pole to pole

Jazzing under an Umbrian moon...

We sat with Cynthia who reads in the stars
And Walter who goes out and races cars
Riccardo was the master of the sizzling grill
Young and old cats, Iba dressed for a kill

Everyone felt the blues or was rocking in his chair
Heads swaying tapping rhythm everywhere
Across nations n? generations all drank wine and rhyme
A peaceful explosion, symphony of summertime

Jazzing under....

Lyrics Klaus Gehlhaar Music Benny Breuning
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