Tony Black AKA 8-16 the hardest working rapper moving between Chicago and Kansas city trying to establish a fan base ride wit me it is definitly worth it
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Hardest Working Rapper Alive

Hardball Musik is the center stone of the success to come for Tony Black the record label consist of fifteen music artist willing to put their heart on the turf for Hardball Musik to succeed we created this label in union so that if any one of us ever are to get signed we can all have a portion of stardom and finally get out of the struggle but no matter if a major comes to sign us or not we are dedicated to winning we watch the game close to see what the industry is seeking we don’t shoot for success in the present we shoot for the great hits of the future the great hits that will remain here after tomorrow blows away with a true passion for music it is easy for us to make good quality musik our mission is to build a fan base who will support us though the thick and the thin weather we go platinum or wood but we guarantee good musik with a hidden message somewhere the difference between Hardball Musik and the rest is we are not in it for fame at all we just want the respect and love of the listeners fuck next we got now lets go


Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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