I am currently part of the band Sugartown Alley, and I'm also working on my own songs for a solo project.


Hello Dimitria, welcome to Broadjam. Thanks for the connection request, I was really busy so just now confirmed. Van Leeuwen, unique name and I have a friend here in LA with the same name!! Jason. Any relation?

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Dimitria Van Leeuwen
over 30 days ago

Thanks for the welcome, Dave :) Don't know if I'm related to Jason, if he has family from Utah I probably am; we turn out some pretty big families here!

Jeff Rauschl
over 30 days ago to Dimitria Van Leeuwen

Thanks for the review of my song Crazy LAdy. Your input is very helpful. Hope I didn't make you too crazy. lol

Dianne MacAdam
over 30 days ago to Dimitria Van Leeuwen

Hello Dimitria, Thanks so much for reviewing my song, Through My Door. Your feedback is much appreciated!

Dianne :)

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