Jeff Cowhick is an artist who utilizes his bass playing expertise and guitar playing skill as he composes and produces rock and instrumental music. He has recently written and produced his fourth solo album 'Recalescence 'which is a unique rock and pop collection.

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I have currently produced my second solo album. I may bring in some independent players in my area if I feel that I need them.

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Having the boldness to begin his own recording effort in 2017, Jeff acquired all of the equipment necessary to complete and formulate a solo effort.
Jeff is a self-taught musician who had just a few music reading lessons under his belt when he began learning how to play bass guitar listening to bands like Rush, Yes and The Police's early recordings.
His education began with a few basic music classes, some choir music in elementary school and in High School a semester's inclusion with the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts Guitar Ensemble to graduate high school.
Jeff's family moved to Florida so he was forced to adapt to a new environment when at the age of sixteen, having just began playing bass, was highly appreciated for newly developed skills and had become sought after by many rock and metal bands in the Jacksonville area.
He began playing with various musicians literally weeks after arriving in Florida and was playing in at least seven or eight bands in the following two years.
Jeff played for rock and metal bands like Doc Holiday, The Nomadic Orphans, Lixx and Cheater. He had also been in the recording studio a few times prior to graduating high school with the bands Lixx and Cheater.
With his Classic music theory course at Florida Community College at Jacksonville and a voluntary enrollment into the Jazz and Blues Big Band Ensemble Jeff Spent most of his time playing with other students who's focus on improvisational skill and jazz fusion leanings were highly encouraged.
Jeff has a wide array of influence from rock, metal and harder hitting jazz fusion bands that feature guitarists like John Scofield, Scott Henderson, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, John Mcglaughlin, Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy Paige, Steve Morse, Trevor Rabin, Andy Summers and many others in even heavier genres like Yngwie Malmsteen, Marty Friedman, Jason Becker and Vinnie Moore.
Also playing into his influences are bassists such as Jaco Pastorius, Marcus Miller, John Pattituci, Jeff Berlin, Michael Manring, Jonas Hellborg and Victor Wooten with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.
Through the years Jeff has found that he may appreciate improvised music as well as compositional pieces that are contrived, planned and performed much the same way every time, such as pop music is.
Jeff currently lives in Springfield, Illinois where he writes and composes music from his home studio which he built two years ago. His first album 'Firebrand' was all done instrumentally while his second album 'Cauterized' introduced his vocal ability in what he considers to be a concept album about self discovery, creativity and renewal.
He has written, performed and produced his first two solo albums in digital format as well as compact disc and endeavors to continue writing original music as long as his inspiration persists.

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Jeff Cowhick
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This piece has a lot commercial value!

Jeff Cowhick
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I have never written a piece such as this in this manner. My intent was to produce a piece which was written outside of typical norms and bounds.

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Hi, I'm just thanking everyone that reviewed my spoken word "The Voice". It's people like you that understand quality work that helped me get these ranks!
The Voice has entered the Spoken Word Top 10 at #1!
The Voice has entered the Florida Top 10 at #8!
The Voice has entered the Production - Other Tempo Top 10 at #2!

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