7and5 is a splicing of genres where New Age beauty, meets Smooth Electro style, with memorable melodies and hooks like that of a great pop song.

Building a new direction in instrumental music, based on the groundwork laid by artists such as Ryan Farish, Blue Stone, William Orbit, Jon Hopkins, and others, 7and5 is achieving new heights in song structure and production value rarely heard in New Age music.

While not necessarily interested in creating "spa" music ; which by design is meant not to evoke any emotion other than relaxation, 7and5 reaches the listener with a soothing ease, but uniquely applies emotion to the mix; both enigmatic and uplifting... making 7and5 unlike any other contemporary New Age artist today.

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August 19th, 2007..."Sleepwalking goes to #1 on the New Age Top 10.

This follows "Forest" as a previous Number One from Trading Stories, and "Amen", and "Whisper To Me" as Number One's from In A Moment's Time.

Bio 2006

7AND5 is the musical concept of composer, arranger, producer John H. Nixon. Nixon is a graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music; class of 1989, where he majored in music production and engineering with a minor in scoring for commercials and jingles. Since then he has spent over 15 years working as a custom music composer/producer in the Detroit film and TV market; composing custom scores for the likes of Ford, White Castle, Coke, Autotrader, Cadillac, HGTV, The United Way, Chevrolet, Sirius Radio, Benjamin Moore Paints and many more?(VIEW HIS WORK AT WWW.CODAMUSICANDDESIGN.COM) He is currently developing crossover-classical arrangements for internationally renowned concert pianist Marina Arsejenivic (see www.marinainamerica.com ) and developing her ?new? sound for an American market.

7AND5 is a sound conceived of almost ten years ago when John worked for an independent Detroit techno label. ?But honestly, I never really fell in love with the whole filtered blips and beats thing. I rather preferred to compose melodically, and with an emotional dynamic.?, says Nixon.

Since then, the ?chill? movement has arrived, along with an evolution in New Age music that left behind all the reverbed pianos with water sound effects, etc. The 2 sounds seemed to be approaching one another, so Nixon embraced the challenge of making a unified sound of the two. ?I began playing with down-tempo club rhythms, and built evolving orchestral-scapes on top; a sound not quite like any other I had found??. What makes 7AND5 so unique though, is that the musical ?hooks? built into every song are as strong as any pop song. Memorable and inviting, but layered and evolving over time like great ?chill? music.

7AND5 is a sound meant not only to relax the listener, but involve them in the experience as well. To help one ?find their center?, but also feel their voice. Built from electronic grooves and synth work, textures of world instruments, and orchestral lushness, 7AND5?s melodies are carried by a delicate use of piano, played with touch and sincerity; and an understanding that the spaces between are as important as the notes themselves. This is music that fits the listener comfortably enough to relax and release them from stresses of the day, but layered and detailed in such a way as to invigorate their senses through new discoveries with each listen.

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