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DG (Dave Gogerly)

Dave Gogerly got into music by his sheer persistence and fortitude. Dave is an accomplished guitarist with an ear for music. Not only does he play guitar he plays the piano and other instruments too.
A songwriter and vocalist who originally hails from Camden, North London, home to our much loved British Rock bands, top live music venues and who can belt some ranging notes! His blend of rocky rhythms has been arranged with a combination of blues sensibility and rocky pop rock overtones. Dave writes, arranges, performs and produces music all with effortless delivery and is heavily influenced by "Prince, Clapton, The Eagles, Hendrix, Guns and roses, Led zep and classic rock bands". He's been working with good musicians for a number of years on music, band and music production, hence the outcome being a very strong fusion of music genres and creative ideas blended into production expertise.

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over 30 days ago to Waybeyond Records

NEW MUSIC....................

Thomas Pitt
over 30 days ago to Waybeyond Records

Hi Mate.
Thanks for the review of " It ain't right " It along with 7 others on my profile are from a musical I'm writing which I'm hoping to finish soon.
Thanks again.
Regards Thomas.

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Clean Clean

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