Making music is the way I have chosen to connect with as many people as possible. Early in life, I discovered what a profound experience music could be, and I wanted to make it my own.

My parents tried the traditional route -- piano lessons. I rebelled against mindless scales and the classics. I wanted to play pop music -- and I was able to do most of what I wanted by ear. Later, I picked up the guitar and with the help of a Beatles songbook, taught myself to play.

That was about the time I got interested in songwriting, and although I had no music theory background, I could dissect the Beatles songs (and everybody else's) and figure out what made a song work and what didn't.

Of course, the songs I wrote in that era smelled worse than spoiled fish.

I hope I've improved since then. My goals have changed through the years and I'm no longer as excited about being a performer. However, I love to write music and especially to collaborate with others. So if you have a great idea

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