Welcome to Volume Records! Thank you for your interest in one of the most versatile studios in the Atlanta area. Volume is not only an independent label but it encompasses every possible aspect of the artists' career. We understand that every artist is unique in his/her path. Some may be ready to sign a contract, others may need a demo, while yet others seek vocal coaching, new tracks, production time/space, CD duplication, photo shoots, consulting services, etc. Whatever the situation may be, Volume is your foundation to a prosperous and thriving career.

Volume currently employs nine producers, two specialized engineers and a private consultant.. There are no limits to the genres created at this haven for musicians...r&b, hip-hop, gospel, rap, jazz...

For album purchase: vradmin@earthlink.net, 770-939-8011 or send check/m.o to: 4273 Chamblee Tucker Rd. Atlanta, GA 30340.

Staff Information

Moe Jackson (CEO)
In 1994, producer powerhouse Moe Jackson's vision became a reality. His vision was to launch his own record label which would leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who encountered his label.
Moe was blessed to come from an extremely musical family rooted in Memphis, Tennessee. His mentors and uncles worked with classic acts that we know well still today. Acts such as: Issac Hayes, Johnnie Taylor, Otis Redding, Booker T, the BarKays, Staple Singers and more. Moe along with some of his closest producers (CJ Memphis, Young Bynum, Dough Boy and G Money) set up camp in Chamblee, Georgia at the Hideaway Studio. This irresistible group went into the laboratory to create the "Volume Record Sound". Soon he had artists? such as Raheem the Dream, Dungeon Family members, the Canton Spirituals, and a host of local talent working with him. Moe has produced, mixed and mastered with such studios as Southern Living, At It?s Finest, and Zac Recording Studios, owned by Jim Zumpano. He?s graced the Ardent and Sound N? Reel Studio in Memphis Tennessee and Music by Night in Atlanta, GA.
Moe is continually blown away by the blessings that God has bestowed upon him...yet he knows his trek through the music world is only beginning.

Dough Boy
Producer, Singer, Writer, Keyboardist
Dough Boy is a native of New York City but spent several years of his production career in Texas where he owned his own studio and worked several projects with Harvest Hill. Whether he is creating gospel, hip-hop, rap or jazz, he works as though he was created to make music.
Dough has developed an exiting repertoire of acts under his belt including working with such studios and labels as Low Key, The Grind, The Dungeon Family, The Mystic Family, Noontime Records, Patchwork, Dogwood, Doppler and Volume Records and has worked closely with Immortal Kings. This young man is also an accomplished singer and performer. He has been asked to submit work for such artist?s as TI, DTP and JD just to name a few. His goal is to change the face of music ? and Volume Records is proud of his accomplishments but convinced that the best is yet to come for this talented man.

Young Bynum
Young Bynum originates from Memphis, Tennessee where he was born and raised. He has an extraordinary ability to convey musical sound, harmony, melody in a way which stirs your musical spirit.
He is a talented singer and keyboardist who has graced some of the finest in the industry. For years he has toured with the world wide known BarKays. He has played with the funkmeisters such as: Rick James, Parliament & Funkadelic, Isely Bros., Confunkshun, Patti La?Belle, Anita Ward, O?jays, MC Hammer and New Edition.
In addition, he shared the road with such great acts as: LL Cool J, TLC, Babyface, BAngieB, and SpecialGeneration.

Stanley Tucker
Producer, Keyboardist, guitarist and drummer
Stanley?s passion for music was discovered as he weeded through self teaching hemslef how to successfully play drums, keyboard and bass guitar. Playing day in and day out, his family realized that they had yet another musical mastermind in their family. Stanley recognized his talents for what they were ? a gift from God. By age fourteen Stanley began to comprehend that he was gifted by God. Stanley?s talents led him to perform in numerous venues. He began performing in middle school which escalated to traveling the world. He realized that part of what he wanted to achieve in life was to help discover a way to develop people?s talents and place then in a recognizable position to share the beauty of their musical forte with the world.
Stanley completed this package by earning a degree in Marketing Business Management. Pairing his book knowledge along with his ability to create sounds of hip-hop, r&b, jazz, pop, rock, etc., he has truly proven that he is a musical force.

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