Volkan Muhurcuoglu, is a songwriter/singer living in Istanbul,Turkey. His genre falls anywhere from Acoustic/Pop-Rock to Alternative-Rock.

Volkan first began training his voice in grade school, and, as a child, taught himself to play the guitar and the piano.

Currently, Volkan’s first album “Toy” is in production to release late 2007. An album entirely written, performed, recorded, produced and arranged by himself and his staff Ozan Alparslan (arranger/producer/songwriter), Guney Ozsan (arranger), Sinan Yener (songwriter/producer), Baran Bursaligil (songwriter/singer).

Volkan Muhurcuoglu has written over 50 songs and adds new songs now and than.

At early stages of his career he appeared on a bunch of TV shows on the National Television of Turkey (TRT) and as a stage-man he performed all over the country with a nation-wide known bands such as “Blues Express feat. Suleyman Bagcioglu”.

Is a member of MESAM.

Coming Soon:


Performed in;

* Golge
* Saklikent
* Overall
* Biziz
* H.Kahvesi
* Kemanci

(Between 1995 ? 2005 as a lead singer of nation-wide rock and blues bands)

2002 - 2006: Started his songwriting carrer


February: The start of the Project ? TOY.
August: Produced his first song ?Olur Olmaz Duslerim Var?
September: Produced ?Kucuk Kadin?
October Songwriting for Reyhan Karaca (national star, TURKEY) and Isaac Angel (international independent artist from CA, USA)

  • Member Since: 2006
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