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The Track "Devi" is featured on "The Tantra Lounge Vol III" also featuring Talvin Singh and Anoushka Shankar.


V-Ness consists of Evan Eder and Kamini Natarajan. V-Ness elevates our minds through its intricate blend of modern Western harmony with the depth of traditional Eastern melody. Evan , a proficient producer , competent composer and ingenious instrumentalist from USA collaborates with Kamini ,a traditional classical Indian vocalist, who had rigorous training from the great masters of Hindustani music for ten years. Together, they create a magical music journey with their breath-taking mastery and consummate artistry over their skills. V-Ness brings music that is spiritual, soulful ,mystical and simply engaging. V-Ness takes us on an exotic musical journey through space and time by combining rich sonic textures with soul-stirring Indian classical melody. Evan weaves a magical tapestry of sound around the cultured and richly timbred vocals of Kamini.


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