Wontcha Be Mine

This song is about a woman who tried to convince herself that she wasn't attracted to a certain guy at her workplace, even though she was. However, she forced herself to "let it go" because she was dating someone else at the time. But before "letting it go," she had a blast chatting at the company party downtown in January '96 and on instant messaging (IM) at work! Yowza!;0) This song is heavily influenced by Phantom Blue, The Runaways, and The Go-Go's. (I entered this song "Wontcha Be Mine" in the John Shanks Original Song Challenge at indi.com. Long Live the 80s!!!! I would love your view and vote! :o) Voting begins Monday, Sept. 8th @ 3pm and ends on Monday, Sept 15th @ 3pm. Below is the link: http://indi.com/610f52c3-c5f1-4e68-bec0-6764fc5c4a72 Respectfully, Pally

Credits Pally - lead vocal, rhythm guitar.
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