(D)SIMONE - Circles [2015]

Story Behind The Song - You are born into this world with unlimited potential. But whoever you are, the people around you, mostly with good intention, want to teach you how to fit in. It's the way of the world. It makes sense I guess, but for me, I've always questioned the process of fitting in. By the time we're three or four years old, we've been given a pretty strong set of commands for how we are suppose to live our lives. CIRCLES is a metaphor for how the world wants you to live a certain way. If you are not that way, you will be cast out and judged. As children, we begin to form into groups to cope with the need to be accepted, but in the process of being a part of something, we are excluding so much more. We eventually willingly confine ourselves, even when we disagree with the group - as long as we are part of it. I don't know which version of what happens when we die is the right one, but depending on where you were born, you are told from birth with absolute conviction, there are rules to follow that get you into heaven. And I always ask the same question - if you were lost at sea as an infant and wound up on an a remote island, raised by wild animals, lived your whole life free of the knowledge of any of the things that man has created to confine how we live, were the example of religious perfection - honest, giving, respectful, a true friend to all your fellow island companions - when you died, would you ascend to heaven, or wherever it is that we go? One day, we wake up, and we are adults. We feel a sense of imbalance in the world we live in, but we say to ourselves, "that's just the way it is." If we don't challenge this paradigm, we live and die by someone else's design. I say...LIVE YOUR LIFE! ~Charles D'Simone

Credits MUSIC CREDITS: Produced by Charles D'Simone Music & Lyrics by Charles D'Simone Recorded and mixed by Charles D'Simone at Shore Road Studio, Brooklyn, NY ---------------------- End card - Chris Coddington Design - http://www.chriscoddingtondesign.com/ End card music - Lo Fi Hi - Charles DSimone & Jack DeSantis ---------------------- Video created using royalty-free backgrounds from VideoBlocks.com - http://www.videoblocks.com/

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