My names are Kede Mbida Eugene AKA U-Gin. A born Cameroonian based in Lagos, Nigeria. I am a prominent, afrobeat, R'n'B, Alternative, Zouk singer.

My music resonates with the hardships of life and according to some of my fans, it has helped them through tough times...

I am known in the Industry as the"music god" because of my diverse understanding of different music genres and my ability to play different musical instruments including the guitar and drums.

Also, I am a humanitarian and a YouTube channel award winner, a twitter Influencer, with more than 31,000 followers and I am consistently ranked as one of the most influential musicians on social media. I have contributed immensely to the growth of the most biggest MCN in Africa. MurphyBen International to be precise.

I am the poster boy for a true entertainer partly because I enshrine the undiluted entertainment spirit and also because I sing in different languages (French, English, Yoruba, Spanish, Pidgin, and Igbo).
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