What does swirling SNOWE sound like as it covers the globe? Like a beat that lingers in your mind. Like a voice so familiar you feel you've heard it a thousand times before - so fresh you wish you had. Like centuries of tribes, sounds, rhythms, weather patterns, people crowded in city streets and high rises, dancing in the desert or countryside - anchored in the present by something that is surely the very definition of "next." What does SNOWE smell like? Like fresh air and sun on skin, like evening winter cool, like Granny Smith apples and cocoa butter. What happens when SNOWE falls on you? Tickles your ears, touches your skin, cools and energizes you? Right now you are at the door of discovering an artist who defines a new generation of American pop. Like the late great Michael Jackson, SNOWE was born in Indiana and was raised singing, dancing and acting on stage. She also had formative experiences traveling the country and abroad - including childhood years on the Navajo reservation, school years in predominantly African-American neighborhoods and cross-cultural adventures in Germany. Built from these multi-cultural elements, with a belief that we can be anything, do anything, change any negative into a positive, leave a legacy of love and achieve greatness - SNOWE embodies authentic LUV, and keeps you coming back for more.

She kick-started her career from the NY/CT area as an R&B/Soul singer/songwriter and had opportunities to perform for crowds of up to 40,000 in Southeast Asia, recording a song for Prime Minister Hun Sen. Some of her favorite experiences took place performing in Africa. She has been recognized as an ASCAP Award-winning songwriter and built her fanbase touring small and major markets alike. From her career's infancy, she has supported causes of social justice. (

SNOWE is currently working with Cassette Company Productions (, who have credits with Ben Harper, Kanye West and Common. Her first single "LUV U," is scheduled to be released to TV, Film and Radio, exclusively, on select dates throughout the upcoming year. MAC cosmetics is providing product support for SNOWE for her upcoming tour. SNOWE is teaming up with some of the nation's hottest DJ's and re-mix producers to bring amazing performances in premier clubs in NYC, Boston, SoCal, Chicago, ATL, Miami and Nashville. Her love for the artists who came before her and inspired her - Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Gladys Knight, James Brown, Whitney Houston, Paul Simon and those who had her dancing through school - Usher, Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, Mary J Blige - from classic R&B to 80's hip hop, to the greatest torch singers of jazz and the most relevant of today's pop stars - all these musical influences have helped to birth an old soul in a beautiful young body. But her ability to synthesize these influences into something raw and cutting edge is what sets her apart. Most pop stars have been manufactured, but SNOWE brings the package deal to the stage organically. Her stage presence is magical, leaves you high - naturally and is the epitome of the hottest dance party you can imagine. Her music could be your best friend for life, or even your lover. Keep your eyes open. Even as SNOWE descends worldwide, the heat is rising. Making it rain is so 2000.

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