Those Dreaded Gnats started out playing live in the 1990's, with costume changes, fog machines, guest appearances from an "overweight hamburger eatin" Elvis, love dolls, and incorporating video into their act (among other things).

Around the mid 2000's they began working on some "edgy/comedic" Xmas songs that got some very positive responses. By 2007, a number of their songs from their CD " A Dreaded Xmas -more xmas negatives" made their way onto an independent movie called "A Halfway House Christmas".

They've since released 2 more CD's The Ghosts of Christmas Past, and George's "Realities".

Also in 2009, Harry and George added Violin/Guitar/Keyboard player Extraordinaire Yuri Turchin to the mix, who also has a long list of musical accomplishments.

Music featured in the following films/shows:
A Halfway House Xmas ...Lumpy Rock Prod.
Jersey Justice ...Browntown Films
6 Days ...Jim Leo Prod.
Scarred ...MTV2

Latest News

There's a lot in the works, including several songs that will be included in a film scheduled for release this summer called Jersey Justice.

Will keep you all updated as time permits.....
Here's a link to our video "Merry FXmas"

What else can you say???

These guys are nuts!!!


The Beatles, Lou Reed, Phil Judd, Ramones, Weird Al Yankovic, Tom Waits etc


Harry Kopy and George Simonovich are "Those Dreaded Gnats". Working together since high school, they've collaborated on scores of songs, and have now taken an off ramp into pretty much any type of situation, musically. They are presently working on the music soundtracks to 2 independant films "Jersey Justice", and "A Halfway House Christmas".

Their specialty is writing music to fit any given situation.

In their defense, they've never been convicted of a felony....


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