When it comes to telling tales of horror the razorblade Dolls have it down to a science. Blending industrial metal with a horror appeal and theatrics this band has taken off and has opened for such acts as Wayne Static, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, Front Line Assembly, Hanzel Und gretyl, the genitorturers, CombiChrist, Atari Teenage Riot, Revco, Wednesday 13, and many more.

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make sure to pick up your tickets for the Wednesday 13 shaw at trees in Dallas by visiting our site at www.therazorbladedolls.org..also we are in the midst of finishing up our second album "A Name for Evil"

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The Razorblade Dolls have shared the stage with such acts as Wayne Static (of static-x), combichrist, atari teenage riot, the revolting cocks (ministry fame), Hanzel und gretly, wednesday 13, my life with the thrill kill kult, the genitortures, voltaire, micheal graves (misfits fame) and th elist continues to grow. using blends of metal,industrial and electronic elements along with a Horror and exploitative message the band has quicly gained a large and reliable following. band members include vox- Chris Smith, guitars-Skar, Guitars-helz, lead guitars-Chris telkes, bass-Rah Stitchez, drums-rezin. the group is currently finishing up their fourth coming album "a name for evil"

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