After seven years of writing and performing with different rock combos, I left my last band in February of 2004 in order to pursue opportunities as a recording artist. I found the groups that I played with were very limited when it came to getting concepts to translate into a performance. The studio offered me the capability to realize my ideas. After working on various projects with other artists, I decided that it was time to release my first solo album. The material for this record takes influence from my pop-rock origins as well as my interest in electronic music. My influences include artists like The Cars, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, The Cure and Orchestral Manuovers in the Dark.

I am currently seeking producers, A&R personnel, and publishers in order to assist in the development and promotion of this project, slated to release 1-14-2006. If you enjoy this music and are interested in being involved with the record, please contact me so that we can negotiate an agreement.


Jamison is an independent recording artist, focused in the genre of 80’s-esque, alternative, pop rock with influences from artists like The Cars, David Bowie, The Cure and Depeche Mode. With a long background in songwriting and more recent experiences with production and recording, the 26 year-old writer/producer from Harrisburg, PA has been regarded as “a good writer with a positive sense of structure, narrative and melodic arrangement” by A&R.

Jamison is currently developing material for his first solo album, tentatively slated to release January 14, 2006. He is actively seeking production and A&R consultation to assist with the development of this project, as well as promotional and publishing opportunities to position the record for a successful release.

Jamison’s musical background spans nearly 20 years, the past 9 of which have been writing, recording and performing rock music. After studying classical piano and voice, and winning several regional competitions with his vocal abilities, Jamison transitioned into the pop-rock scene when he joined his first rock combo in 1996. Over the folowing 7 years, Jamison continued to perform, write and record as the lead singer and guitarist for several different bands. During that period, Jamison recorded several demo albums and one EP, the latest with the band “Carnyce,” a regional act performing through the major areas of central Pennsylvania (Harrisburg, York, State College, etc).

Jamison left “Carnyce” in February of 2006 to pursue his recording interests. Since that time he has been writing and recording constantly. He has produced and co-written songs for other up-and-coming artists in addition his own projects. During the past 5 months, after some encouraging response from reviewers and peers with regards to his latest material, Jamison has been focusing on the completion of his next album. The approach to this album will be much different than those recorded with previous groups, according to Jamison. “This one needs to be the real deal not just another demo.” he says, “The final product will be master quality, with radio-ready music. Even if I have to move the date back, I’m not going to release this album until the songs are ready, the recording is ready, and the promotional plan is in place.” It is this mentality that has Jamison actively seeking the industry professionals that he needs to work with in order to make this release a success. “I know it won’t be easy,” says Jamison, “but I need to find producers, engineers, A&R, publishers, and promoters who are aligned with my tastes, interested in my music, understand my goals, and have the capability to help me meet them.”

Jamison says that his goals are “aggressive, but realistic.” “I’m not expecting to be a multi-platinum selling superstar with this record, I don’t have the backing it takes to make that happen,” he says, “my goal is to build a career as an artist and a producer. I want to be able to support myself, and gain industry attention, so that when I write the next album, I can do it without having to worry about a day job, and I will have some relationships that will help me release the next album on a much larger scale than the first.”

Jamison will be performing live in Harrisburg, Philadelphia and New York beginning in June of this year. The material for the record is scheduled to be complete by September to allow time for mixing, mastering, duplication and promotion prior to the January 14, 2006 release, however these dates are subject to change.

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