The No and Maybe Game is a champion new wave pop band. The band is known for it's herky-jerky dance-punk and overly energetic/confusing live shows.

People scream when they feel it.

"Madison band The No And Maybe Game made a strong emergence in 2009 as a confetti-blasted, new-wave costume party, so The A.V. Club can only imagine how the manic yelping of guitarist-vocalist Educational Davis and band will trumpet the new year in. The band's album Survival, Evasion, And Escape combines spastic funk guitar, snapping rhythms, and nervous howling, playing like the sassiest b-side collection the '77 Talking Heads never penned." - Madison A.V. Club

"The No and Maybe Game is mint. I dare you to not like their song The Stops" - Diaper Daniels, ProctologĂ­e

"Oowwwwwwooooo!" - The Oowwwwwoooo guy


Educational Davis - A line-faced crybaby who attempts to play guitar, the voice, and the thing with the keys.

Danny Vacation - Danny plays the low guitar and the voice, making trouble in flat places and offering numerous guarantees and promotions.

Gunns Bakardy - You can't believe it. Intrigue blows you away. Gunns sings and wields a guitar like a Congolese wields a machete.

Jonny Sucrose - The administration tells you to listen to the sweet juice-beats before you OD on insulin, and remember drums and pain and slip off into...Oh the Sucrosity!!!

The band recently released the full-length album "Survival Evasion and Escape" under the old SPB name. On sale at shows and Madison Music Exchange for $4.

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