The Joe Wentz dream, one passion, one man band. My name is Joe...I love music. Anything from Prince, to 80's Hair Metal, Southern Rock and just about anything in between. I got my first guitar on Christmas Eve, back in 1986. After that...I was hooked. All I wanted to do was play like my heroes, that I always heard on the radio. After quite a few years of learning guitar...I moved also to keyboard. Then a few years later, I started to get in to home recording. No...not on the computer. The old school way, with four track recorders. Then, later...I upgraded from there, to better recording equipment. As of today, I am always trying to get that next musical high, by searching for that next rhythm, or guitar riff, that gets my juices flowing. Only in music, have I been able to express whatever feeling I have...whether it be sad, happy or excitement. Music always seems to have the power to take you, where ever you want to enjoy the ride.


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