The Jack Ward Project - Anderson, Indiana

Two On Air Performances on The Smiley Morning Show
99.5 WZPL Indianapolis, In
Worked with acclaimed music producer Mark Hornsby
on the first single "More or Less"
Preformed with Danny Flowers and James House at the
Sweetwater Performance Theater In Fort Wayne, In

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Just Released the first single More or Less

The Ward Project

~The passion that I have in this life that I am living, my life, is first & foremost, loving the love-of-my-life, my soul-mate, my wife, my honey & my hippy chick, {who happens to be writing this biography, LOL). She inspires & compels me greatly & she truly, with all of her sweet kind heart, is supportive & compassionate of this innate 'blood-passion' that I have for music, singing & recording.
~Strong is my drive for this passion, for playing guitars, collecting mass arrays of musical instruments & equipment, singing, songwriting, producing & recording music.
~Most of the music featured here is still in it's acoustic version with me alone singing my heart out & are amateur recordings, done mostly on the fly. There are a few cover songs sung & there are videos of me singing some new originals (usually from my laptop) & videos from when I was in my first band as lead singer in the band 'Rainmaker'.
~On my original song, 'Better Luck Next Time Around' I am thankfully & pleased to have been accompanied by some good friends & talented artists. I do not & have not stopped writing songs since I started writing songs. I love to collaborate with other like-minded individuals & of coarse hope to meet & find other driven artists that want to create original music & thereafter form a band.
~I have every intention of mastering this sweet equipment I have acquired, so that I can tweak my musical creations into these awesomely amazing & masterful recordings, to be shared & enjoyed to all & everyone & more, on this great big ball of a planet & possibly many worlds their beyond.
~I have been told many times, that I am a very easy-going person & that I am a very laid-back & positive kind of guy who maintains a happy-go-lucky frame of mind & I love to meet people! I get along with almost everyone that I meet & I never meet strangers. For most of my life I went by & was called by the name of 'Steve.' Until a few years back, {and this drives Hippy Chick crazy}, I began introducing myself to all new acquaintances by my first given name of 'Jack' {mostly to honour my father}, so now I answer to both names, but I am not called or known by both {she'll never call me Jack, LOL}.
~That's all, that's it, that's all I've got to say for now, but I'm sure that things will change & I will update my future info of this life I own, my life, that I am living & loving.
~Peace~Love~Rockin' Out~

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